Motorcycle transportation mount system


Fit the mount to suit the length of your bike and particular vehicle set up. The rear mount has been redesigned to be ambidextrous, enabling you to fit the base to either left or right, perfect to avoid wheel arches etc. The front arms can be moved forwards and backwards on the rails to accommodate longer or shorter bikes too.


You can securely load or unload a bike under a minute (see You Tube channel for demo).


With No More Straps the bike is held in a far more natural and sympathetic method than when the suspension is compressed with straps and unable to absorb road bumps, after all we pay good money out to get our forks re built and our suspension set ups done.


The bike can be set to most suitable position in your van; left, right or centre, and, without straps everywhere you have more space to load all the spares we end up carrying. (Trailers; I would suggest centre or to the off side if only one bike carried, due to the lovely camber some of our roads have).


There are no straps to work loose or damage your fairing Just three points to tighten to fully secure your bike, one turn buckle and two turn knobs.


Specially drilled floor mount sections that you fix to your vehicle and then attach the mount onto this base. 12 bolts hold the mount to the base sections and this allows you the option should you not wish to leave mount fitted.

Can I remove the mount easily?

We have produced a pre drilled mounting kit that you fix to the floor and then the mount bolts onto that.
The front and rear section of mount can then individually be removed, handy if you need your van to sleep in track side.
The wood we have used is specially treated (designed for horse box floors and ramps) so not only is it very strong but it is also liquid resistant.

Will it fit different diameter wheels?

The mount is made to fit 17 inch but will accept 16 and 18 inch.

We are also currently working on an adapter kit to allow motocross style bikes to fit into our mounts

How much do I tighten the handles and will the mount not damage my wheels?

Absolutely not, the mount grips on to the tyres and not the wheels.
The tyre should very slightly deform but the clamps should not touch the rims, also see gallery images

Will using the mount damage my suspension?

Absolutely not the mount allows the bike to move on its suspension, absorbing road bumps, as it was designed to do so actually it is the kindest way to carry your bike.

Can I put a strap on my bike just in case?

We recommend that you don’t use straps as it could overload the mounts causing them to fail.

How close can I mount the bike next to an object such as side of van?

You should leave a minimum of 100mm between bikes or the sides of your van, this should be ample under normal use, however, if you are to use over very rough ground then 150mm is recommended.

What do I need to do to look after my mount?

We coat all the pre assembled threads with Copper Slip when we dispatch your mount and recommend you keep all joints lubricated, especially if mounted to a trailer or exposed to the elements.

When fitting your mount use the sachet of copper slip provided to lubricate threads and do not use a 'buzz' gun, all bolts are stainless steel to give prolonged life but therefore need copper slip to avoid dry seizure.

When tightening the rear arm push the rear arm forward and onto the tyre as you tighten the turnbuckle to avoid over stressing it.

Will my bike fit?

Front tyre size needs to be between 90 – 125mm 16 to 18 inch.
Rear tyre size needs to be between 140 and 200mm wide and 16 to 17 inch diameter.
Some adventure style bikes have an additional rear wheel
splash guard added, the mount will not fit with a splash guard still fitted.
Ducati rear splash guard.png

Can I just buy a back mount section and use my existing front mount?

No, the No More Straps front mount is the only mount we know of that stops the front wheel jumping up out of the mount, and is also the only mount with enough lateral strength to cope with the forces imposed on them.
No More Straps are designed to work as a pair, securely spreading weight and load between the front and rear section, so we would not recommend either section to be used without the other.

Can I use the front mount section on its own with or without straps?

No More Straps is designed to work as a pair, securely spreading weight and load between the front and rear section, so we would not recommend either section to be used without the other.

How heavy can my bike be?

We recommended no more than 225KG.

Do I have to bolt the mount down?

Yes, the mount requires strong mounting points to transfer the weight from the bike to the floor or chassis of the van or trailer.
*Unfortunately we have had to raise prices due to unprecedented material cost increases*

When we are very low on stock we remove the 'Shop now' option and ask you to contact us,  I will then get back to you with details of what we have available or when we are expecting the next batch in.

We are a very small company with ever changing stock levels and do not wish to disappoint.

To discuss your requirements or to ask any further questions you may have please use contact form or alternatively message us via our Facebook page.

The mounts are all manufactured and powder coated in the UK using quality components.

Supplied complete with all floor mounting bolts.

We generally use Parcel Force 2 day courier service.
Please allow up to 5 days though in case we are away at a track day or racing for the weekend.
Currently we are not shipping outside of the UK.

Fitting can also be arranged if required.

We are also looking into supplying trailers fitted with one or more of our mounts, if this is something you are interested let us know.




Husband and wife team, Mark & Vanessa

Following an off and a broken wrist Vanessa was finding riding home from track days less enjoyable due to aches and pains from her wrist. This was all the excuse she needed to justify purchasing a van when she got the insurance compensation payment from the at fault driver.
‘Harrison’ the transit was purchased, chocks, bar straps and decent ratchet straps were used but she hated the time taken to secure the bikes. Even with a LWB Transit securing two bikes was a mess of straps and risked rub damage to the fairings. Not happy to trust the straps not to come loose she asked around and several friends already had No More Straps and highly recommended them.

Two sets were ordered despite Mark being adamant that the mounts would be a waste of money and that straps were perfectly fine as he had used them for years etc. Thankfully he totally changed his mind after fitting and using the mounts.

After hearing that the couple who developed and made No More Straps had stopped making the mounts, we approached them re buying the business. They had original idea for and developed the mounts, they had produced them since at least 2015, through the years the design developed and improved and the two I purchased were some of the last they sold.

We are proud to have further improved the mount and to be able to continue to promote this great system.

Social media and IT are far from our strong points so no overly fancy website or promotional images for us, but we can promise you a damn good product that does what it says on the tin.

When we can all get out to play again and you are ever in the BEMSEE paddock,  please come and say hi to #70 and #72 in the mintwin class