Fit the mount to suit the length of your bike and particular vehicle set up. The rear mount has been redesigned to be ambidextrous, enabling you to fit the base to either left or right, perfect to avoid wheel arches etc. The front arms can be moved forwards and backwards on the rails to accommodate longer or shorter bikes too.


You can securely load or unload a bike under a minute (see You Tube channel for demo).


With No More Straps the bike is held in a far more natural and sympathetic method than when the suspension is compressed with straps and unable to absorb road bumps, after all we pay good money out to get our forks re built and our suspension set ups done.


The bike can be set to most suitable position in your van; left, right or centre, and, without straps everywhere you have more space to load all the spares we end up carrying. (Trailers; I would suggest centre or to the off side if only one bike carried, due to the lovely camber some of our roads have).


There are no straps to work loose or damage your fairing Just three points to tighten to fully secure your bike, one turn buckle and two turn knobs.


Specially drilled floor mount sections that you fix to your vehicle and then attach the mount onto this base. 12 bolts hold the mount to the base sections and this allows you the option should you not wish to leave mount fitted.